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The Humanity of The Shack.

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by John Fuller on his podcast, ‘Are You Real?’ In the interview, I was asked to share my story – what some of my struggles were, what inspired me to write The Shack, what my life looks like now, and more. MayRead More

Love Is Who You Are.

Love is not really an action that you do. Love is what and who you are, in your deepest essence. Love is a place that already exists inside of you, but is also greater than you. That’s the paradox. It’s within you and yet beyond you. This creates a senseRead More

God is Not White.

I was talking with a man a few days ago who began the conversation with, “I didn’t like your portrayal of God the Father in The Shack.” “Really?” I responded. “Was it the woman part or the black part?” As you can imagine I get a great deal of feedbackRead More

How to Parent by Participation.

I have visited South Korea only twice in my life, once shortly after The Shack was released in Korea and the second time after Cross Roads. I don’t speak as an expert in anything Korean; I am only able to offer some observations from an outsider. I will say thatRead More