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You Never Need to Feel Shame

I sat having a conversation with a young man whose life is at a crossroads, largely in ruins, because of the broken places of his soul and his choices. He comes from a similar religious heritage as I do, so we have language in common. In this moment, he believesRead More

Do We All Worship the Same God?

Today, I’m so happy to introduce you to my friend, Steve McVey. You may already be familiar with Steve through any number of his books, like Grace Walk, but he’s a terrific writer with a wonderful heart to help others along in their journey. I hope you’re encouraged by hisRead More

We Leak What We Love.

Last year I made friends with a child in Uganda who was abducted and mutilated by witch doctors. Amazingly, I also met a surgeon about the same time, a man named Randy Sherman who happened to be the world’s leading expert on repairing the exact damage done to the UgandanRead More

Did Jesus Make Mistakes?

My eight-year-old grandson, “G,” is having a conversation about mistakes with his Dad, my son. G: “Dad, do you think Jesus ever made a mistake?” Dad: “Well G, very smart people have had different thoughts about that question, what do you think?” G: (After reflecting), “I think he did, because howRead More