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We Don’t Need Revival. We Need a Reformation.

There have been times throughout history that a ‘fresh breeze’ of change, a movement of God has swept a community and sometimes an entire culture. Those that have experienced this often look back at such a time with great nostalgia, especially as they watch society become secular once again. TheseRead More

Is Transformation Possible Without Pain?

Did a little digging and came across this article, originally published on by Rick Lawrence. I get to do a lot of interviews in my work, but this one stuck out to me as particularly interesting. I hope you enjoy it as well.  Rick Lawrence: I remember exactly where IRead More

Twenty Books Everyone Should Read

A while back, as the Featured Religion Author for Barnes&, my assignment was to share eight of my favorite books about religion.  I am going to cheat while I have the opportunity. Below I have eight categories of books, and all of them will have at least two titles. There areRead More

Introducing ‘Eve,’ a New Novel From William Paul Young

I grew up in the Protestant Evangelical side of the religious family, so I was raised believing that questions were enemies. To ask questions of God or the Church was tantamount to rebellion. Over the course of my life, I have learned to love the questions and I write toRead More