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Read the First 5 Chapters of Eve & Get Other Perks for Pre-ordering!

Friends! As you may know, Eve‘s release date is just around the corner, and I’m happy to tell you I can give you the first, real, exclusive look at it right here! This has been the most challenging project I’ve ever attempted, but it’s turned out even better than I hadRead More

Why We Need to Rethink Gender Roles

To quote theopedia, “Complementarianism is the theological view that although men and women are created equal in their being and personhood, they are created to complement each other via different roles and responsibilities as manifested in marriage, family life, religious leadership, and elsewhere.” An alternative perspective is evangelical egalitarianism, whichRead More

5 Quotes From William Paul Young That Will Encourage Your Spirit

William Paul Young’s words in The Shack, Cross Roads and his upcoming EVE are rare jewels, both challenging and comforting, providing encouragement while stretching perspectives. His thoughts and quotes are regularly shared over at his Facebook page, and we thought we’d take today to share a few of them with you here. If you’dRead More

Why EVE Is the Hardest Book I’ve Ever Had to Write

A few weeks ago, I invited all of you to ask me a few questions about, well, about anything you wanted! I know it’s not always easy to ask real, genuine questions in our world—that’s what comes from a culture that values answers as highly as ours does. But asRead More