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Talking With William Paul Young

Hey everyone! A couple weeks ago, William Paul Young sat down for a chat with Mark Fitzgerald, host of the Fundamental Escape podcast. They spent a little time chatting about people reactions to The Shack (both good and bad!) and a lot of time talking about Eve. It’s a great conversation, and we thinkRead More

See Why People Are Calling ‘Eve’ “Creative, Intelligent and Meaning-filled.”

Over on Eve‘s Amazon page, there’s a lot of great feedback from people who have read William Paul Young’s book and engaged with the story. We love hearing from everyone who’s read Eve and we’ll occasionally feature reviews that seem particularly thoughtful here.

Are Men and Women’s Hearts Really That Different?

A few weeks ago, I invited you to ask me questions about, well, about anything you wanted! It’s a good opportunity to hear from you and what’s going on in your hearts. Today, I thought I’d answer a question from Russ, who asked about the research behind Eve and the disciplines neededRead More

‘EVE’ Hits Number #4 on the Bestseller List!

Well, the cat’s out of the bag, everyone! After just one week of being on bookshelves, Eve has already hit the number four spot on The New York Times’ bestseller list! We are thrilled about it and, honestly, it’s all thanks to you. Your purchases and word-of-mouth excitement about the book are the reason this bookRead More