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Do You Have Enough Controversy In Your Life?

If you’ve read The Shack or, really, encountered any of Paul’s teaching, you know that his thoughts can ruffle feathers. Sometimes, it’ll be something deep and complex, like the power of pain in our lives. Sometimes, it’ll be something as simple as depicting God as a woman. Either way, itRead More

An Invitation to a Different Kind of Conversation

A good story will invite other stories. Writing The Shack taught me that. In the years since it was published, I’ve had countless people share their stories with me. Sometimes they’re happy. Sometimes they’re not. They’re all beautiful. Since then, it’s been a small dream of mine to create aRead More

Is Transformation Possible Without Pain?

This article was written by Rick Lawrence and originally published on Editor’s Note: The Shack is the bestselling work of Christian fiction in history—it was written by a first-time author named William Paul Young, who made 15 copies of the manuscript to give to family and friends, and never expectedRead More

The Shack: A Cinderella Story

This article was written by Jordan E. Rosenfeld and originally published on In the early 1990s, James Redfield’s self-published spiritual adventure, The Celestine Prophecy, shocked the book world by selling millions of copies through word- of-mouth marketing. Now, another book exploring the big questions about God and love hasRead More