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We Don’t Just Have Stories. We Are Stories.

  If you know me at all, you know how important story is to me. I don’t think we have stories. I think we are stories, and we’re stories that I believe will all be told. I’ve told a lot of stories, and I am grateful those who have listenedRead More

Listen to the First Chapter of ‘Eve’

Hey friends, I’m excited to announce that EVE‘s audiobook is available, and that the reader is Roger Mueller (the voice on both The Shack and Cross Roads audiobooks). The experience of listening to a story is significantly different from reading one. Roger and I emailed about specific lines, character nuancesRead More

Why Do We Treat God Like He’s Magic?

I, and a number of others, were invited to participate in the JCB (Jesus-Centered Bible) Project by writing short introductions to various books of the Bible. The intent is to find Jesus in every book of the Bible and highlight scriptures that point to and reveal him. Based on theRead More

The Tyranny of Financial Insecurity

This post is actually from an email conversation I had a few years ago, but it’s still relevant. Both I and the person who wrote me thought it was a valuable enough conversation to put out there for you all. Hopefully, any of you struggling with finances can find aRead More