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‘The Shack’ Is Finally Being Turned Into a Movie

Well, today is a momentous day. There is some news I’ve been waiting to share for some time. Honestly, I wanted to make sure it was all actually happening before I made the announcement. It just seemed so surreal—it still does—but I can now finally tell you. The Shack is being turnedRead More

Why Does God Allow Terrible Things to Happen?

About a week before the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in December of 2012, I received word that my sweet cousin had given up her decades-long war against schizophrenia and taken her own life.  I saw her a year ago and was humbled to be one of the only peopleRead More

Marriage Is Not an Institution

In The Shack, you might remember, I wrote that contrary to popular opinion, marriage is not an institution. That’s something I really stand by, and I thought I’d explain myself a little. Before there was any creation—before space, time and matter—there were no institutions. There were no chains of command, no hierarchies,Read More

How I Learned to Love the Questions

I have a friend who wrote an academic book on how to interpret Scripture. It was very good, and full of a lot of very smart, wonderful things about how different people interpret the Bible in different ways. He asked me to read it, which I was happy to do. He said,Read More