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The Undiluted Gospel.

Sometimes we see it. The undiluted gospel. It happened to me on Tuesday afternoon at 5:04 with the arrival of our first Grandchild, Caroline Elizabeth Moore. Caroline has been loved and prayed for and cherished and longed for from the moment we heard the news that Laura was pregnant. ForRead More

The Monster Under My Bed.

My room is quiet and dark. It feels safe. It’s the perfect place to sleep. A whisper of movement stirs me. Was that a sound I heard? Still groggy, I dare not move. I hold my breath trying to blend in with the stillness of the room. My eyes failRead More

Join Me at an Open Table.

This June 24-26, I get to participate in another Open Table Conference in Portland, Oregon. I’m excited to be part of something that intentionally encourages courageous, authentic conversations about who God is and how we are as human beings. The Open Table event means hope for me. It means that there’sRead More

Is the Best Part of Your Life Behind You?

I received a phone call from a friend recently who was approaching his fortieth birthday. “Paul,” he is on the verge of tears, “I have all these friends who are in their mid-thirties, and I am the only one whose life, marriage, relationships is not falling apart. Where are allRead More