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Transformation is More Than a Change of Mind.

For much of my life, I’ve been trying to facilitate transformation—conversion, change of consciousness, change of mind—with various strategies and formats. The transformed mind lets you see how you process what’s coming at you. It’s of supreme value because it allows you to step back from your own personal processorRead More

The Shack Movie News

From the beginning of this adventure to translate a book into the image-language of film, Lionsgate and the entire cast and crew have set their hearts and expertise on making a movie that has the potential to change the world. Beyond that, I believe that this project has the potentialRead More

The Undiluted Gospel.

Sometimes we see it. The undiluted gospel. It happened to me on Tuesday afternoon at 5:04 with the arrival of our first Grandchild, Caroline Elizabeth Moore. Caroline has been loved and prayed for and cherished and longed for from the moment we heard the news that Laura was pregnant. ForRead More

The Monster Under My Bed.

My room is quiet and dark. It feels safe. It’s the perfect place to sleep. A whisper of movement stirs me. Was that a sound I heard? Still groggy, I dare not move. I hold my breath trying to blend in with the stillness of the room. My eyes failRead More