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If Anything Matters Then Everything Matters

I think we live in a world where people feel like they do not matter. They are just a number, one of seven billion. They have a very low view of themselves and what they mean to the rest of the world. They feel like they’re an accident, or they’ve failed andRead More

How to Make Joy Stay

A little more than two years ago, ‘Joy’ became my constant companion rather than an occasional acquaintance. This was totally unexpected and more than a little remarkable. Many times in my life I had experienced Joy dropping in, surprising me, and then leaving—sometimes within a couple days, but usually within hoursRead More

Love Is Unconditional. Relationships Aren’t.

Here’s an important part of the wonder of our humanity: Forced love is no love at all. Our Christian theology hasn’t always been great at recognizing this. In fact, it’s been a little detrimental to it. We have this idea of a God who forces us to love Him, orRead More

Where Is God When Things Are Taken From Us?

It’s always an honor to be interviewed. Anytime someone expresses interest in hearing more about my story and the things I believe are beautiful and true, I take it seriously. I won’t be sharing every single interview I do here, because I’m sure you’d eventually get bored of them, but IRead More