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This is the Day.

Understanding that, while every human being is a gift, there are some who are also significant voices in the midst of cultural and idealogical transition. They are peacemakers and bridge-builders occupying the space in between disparate forces. Rob Bell is one of these. He is sneaky smart, but incontrovertibly compassionate…andRead More

No Need for Carrots Anymore.

Although Jesus’ message of “full and final participation” was periodically enjoyed and taught by many unknown saints and mystics, the vast majority of Christians made Christianity into a set of morals and rituals, instead of an all embracing mysticism of the present moment. Moralism (as opposed to healthy morality) is theRead More

The Risk is Where Life Is.

When you are old(er), like I am, one realizes that our lives have been filled with adventures of the unexpected; mostly because of relationships and choices, those of others as well as our own. Not all are fun, but most were woven into the movement of personal growth and forRead More

Human Dignity is Inherent & Universal.

One of the most profound impacts of the Incarnation (God joining fully with us in Jesus) is that it immediately resurrects our shame-shrouded view of humanity. Only a revelation of what it means to be fully human will change us permanently and extend from there into the world around us,Read More