Why Atheism Is Halfway to Finding Jesus

I truly enjoyed this conversation with Kyle May, who works for Surrendered Image. Over the course of our chat, we got into some very real stuff about my own life and some of my thoughts on belief, disbelief and atheism. I hope it’s as meaningful for you to listen toRead More

We Don’t Need Revival. We Need a Reformation.

There have been times throughout history that a ‘fresh breeze’ of change, a movement of God has swept a community and sometimes an entire culture. Those that have experienced this often look back at such a time with great nostalgia, especially as they watch society become secular once again. TheseRead More

Is Transformation Possible Without Pain?

Did a little digging and came across this article, originally published on youthministry.com by Rick Lawrence. I get to do a lot of interviews in my work, but this one stuck out to me as particularly interesting. I hope you enjoy it as well.  Rick Lawrence: I remember exactly where IRead More

Twenty Books Everyone Should Read

A while back, as the Featured Religion Author for Barnes&Noble.com, my assignment was to share eight of my favorite books about religion.  I am going to cheat while I have the opportunity. Below I have eight categories of books, and all of them will have at least two titles. There areRead More