Why Everyone Should Have Their Dark Secrets Exposed

I thought I would share with you an article I wrote for Among Worlds magazine, a publication for TCKers (Third Culture Kids) and those who love them and are trying to understand them.  You can find them at: http://www.interactionintl.org/ The Shattered Soul You may know that I am the author of The Shack. YouRead More

Marriage Is Not an Institution

In The Shack, you might remember, I wrote that contrary to popular opinion, marriage is not an institution. That’s something I really stand by, and I thought I’d explain myself a little. Before there was any creation—before space, time and matter—there were no institutions. There were no chains of command, no hierarchies,Read More

How I Learned to Love the Questions

I have a friend who wrote an academic book on how to interpret Scripture. It was very good, and full of a lot of very smart, wonderful things about how different people interpret the Bible in different ways. He asked me to read it, which I was happy to do. He said,Read More